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My work for REXMAQUINA!

Welcome back cadets, it's been a while!

When I´m not working on my own books or wasting time in many, many different ways, I´m always on the hunt for collaborations with projects I feel drawn to.

I'm lucky enough to be part of the creative team for the miniature wargame Rexmaquina!

Rexmaquina is a miniature wargame based on a brand new grim sci-fi world where all sorts of different races and strange beings fight for survival in gruesome and awesome battles.

The game has been created and it´s owned by , who´s also the brilliant artist behind these illustrations (honestly, follow him on Instagram, he´s a fantastic illustrator).

¨And what did you do?¨ I hear no one ask.

Well, I´ve been developing a whole race for the game, the Utshabi!

Here is a beautiful illustration and a brief introduction to these weird-looking guys.

One of the last races to show itself as a crucial piece of the universe, the Utshabi are a wild river: their current won´t try to lure you in, but entering their waters means crashing against the rocks. Besides their indiscernible reasons for expansion, it´s easy to recognise the planets they´ve claimed. Building their empires underground, this race uses the planet itself as a vessel in which to sail through the universe, always with the same destination. After a long pilgrimage to the black hole known as “The Maw”, the Utshabi throw themselves into it along with the planet they are inhabiting, only to be devoured by the black hole in a ritual known as “The Acceptance”. The rest of the races keep a vigilant eye over the Utshabi, as, without starting any wars or showing any interest in domination, these beings are agents of destruction in the purest sense of the word. Only in the last few centuries, “The Acceptance” seems to have caused “The Maw”, to grow exponentially and irreversibly... and it only seems to be getting hungrier.

You can find out more about the game, the Utshabi and every other race that populates the universe of Rexmaquina on its official webpage

Much more to come about the game and my work on it in the future!

Thank you for being here. Remember to feed that sparkle in your eyes.

Carlos Antón Moya

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