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First steps can be hard, let´s walk together. Who's behind this blog and what to expect from it?

Welcome! Welcome!

My name is Carlos, and there are no words in any human language to express how happy I am you came.

If you are here, it's because you've applied to be among the ranks of the glorious Space Cadets!

Now, what does this mean?

This means your heart aches for perfidious dragons to slay, this means your mind screams for faraway magical lands, this means your soul is made of reinforced wonder.

Well, great news! You've been accepted among us!

We expect nothing from you but raw, untamed imagination.

But what can you expect from me in this blog?

Glad you asked, young adventurer.

1. Here you'll get to know me! I've never fully understood how people can talk about themselves as if they knew much, but I promise I'll try my best not to sound like I was born yesterday. I'll provide you with useless but amusing anecdotes about myself!

2. You'll find updates and unique information on my work, from books and short stories to anything related to my external endeavours. I'm working with a tabletop games company as a content writer at the moment, creating sci-fi alien races, so there's that!

3. The most important point, we'll create a community. I would love to read your comments and interact with you, so please, don't be a stranger. Oh, and if by any chance you are in the Glasgow/Edinburgh area (Scotland), we could even go for a pint! Or for water, sometimes I feel like being healthy.

Finally, know that I'll update this blog weekly! I'll keep the entries short and sweet. Less is more, and all that.

Thank you for being here. Remember to feed that sparkle in your eyes.

Carlos Antón Moya

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